About Our Work

We ensure you have the right talent leading the way

For over 40 years, SKS has partnered with organizations to increase success when it comes to hiring the best talent and developing leaders who will capitalize on the opportunities ahead. Our more than 100 ongoing clients range from small, local enterprises to multinational corporations. Of the utmost importance is supporting the organization’s employer brand – clients benefit from our experience, technical expertise and high, personal touch.

Our Thinking.
Ensuring you stay ahead. Economic and employment challenges are constantly changing. Our commitment to you is to stay on top of the latest trends and provide you with tools to help you succeed in making the right decisions in the areas of selection and development. With a focus on practicality and utility, our solutions make sure you have the talent required to power your business strategy.

Our Approach.
Efficient and value-driven. Our process is designed to be a rigorous and comprehensive yet efficient means of reducing uncertainty in hiring decisions and leadership development. Multiple best-in-class tools and exercises are used to provide an objective, data-based measurement of a candidate’s fit for a particular role, or an incumbent’s strengths and developmental needs. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively serve organizations and individuals around the globe from our Twin Cities office.

Our Values.
Partnership, Insights, and Excellence. We strive to behave in accordance with our values as we work with each other as well as our clients and other key partners. Our strong client relationships are characterized by a spirit of partnership and trust. Rather than approaching clients as the “expert” telling them what they need to know, we combine our strong assessment expertise with the personal, customized approach required to achieve their objectives. Our approach is data-driven, and we utilize this data to identify insights that allow for a deeper understanding of the individual, team, and organization. Simply put, doing great work is what excites us.

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