Make the Right Talent Decisions

An SKS talent evaluation is a powerful means for identifying insights to determine the best match for a key role. Our doctoral level assessment psychologists take an evidence-based approach that utilizes tools that are reliable, valid, and well developed.  An SKS talent evaluation can help identify the right talent at any level of your organization, from the shop floor to the C-suite. Our solutions range from streamlined screening processes to in-depth evaluations of capability, motivation, and fit, all utilizing proven methods and procedures for making good selection decisions.

Our approach to working with the hiring team is one based on collaboration and partnership. We understand that the talent evaluation is just one part of your overarching selection process, and we join with your team to consider the assessment data in light of other sources of information. While expert in the use of assessment for high stakes decisions, we know we do not have all the answers. Our clients appreciate our facilitative as opposed to directive approach.

In addition to the talent evaluation itself, SKS has expertise in many of the best-practice activities preceding and following the hiring decision. These services include:

  • Competency Modeling or Job Profiling.
  • Onboarding and Transition Coaching.
  • Talent Analytics.
  • High Potential Identification.