Additional Talent Services

Comprehensive services to achieve your talent strategy

At SKS, a strong assessment provides the foundation for everything we do. Data gleaned from the assessment process guides decisions around the use of additional talent services that can be a value-add to your existing talent processes. SKS welcomes the opportunity to partner with organizations to identify data-driven, practical solutions that strengthen their talent management capabilities.

Some of SKS’s additional offerings and talent services include:

  • Action Learning and Leader Development.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Talent Reviews and Succession Management.
  • Team Assessment and Development.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Talent Analytics.

It is our privilege to be a trusted advisor to our clients. In addition to the satisfaction we derive from creating strong, collaborative working relationships, it has afforded us the opportunity to partner with various sized organizations in multiple industries to work on high impact projects. Examples include:

A consumer and commercial manufacturer with a global presence in over 140 countries was in search of a robust yet straightforward model for predicting and identifying their leaders’ potential to take on new or increasing responsibilities. In partnership with the internal human resources and organizational development teams, SKS developed a measurable model of leadership potential. The model was validated using available assessment, performance, and promotion data. The organization integrated the final model into their corporate succession planning system and tools.

A financial services organization with over one hundred locations throughout the United States needed to improve how they selected commissioned sales professionals. SKS partnered with the organization to develop and implement a sales selection test. The test measured key aspects of personality, motivation, and intellectual characteristics particularly relevant to success in these commission sales positions. Implementation of the sales selection test produced a substantial increase in production, higher rates of retention, and a decrease in professional training and orientation costs.

An international business products and services organization was looking for a partner to assist in building a framework for measuring and improving talent management systems throughout the employee lifecycle. The framework and subsequent metrics led to process and outcome improvements in talent acquisition, onboarding, bench strength, and engagement of key leaders.

A leading investment firm with a top-notch training program sought to provide its trainees with practical, research-based instruction for increasing their sales effectiveness. SKS built on an already strong curriculum by presenting techniques that could be utilized to boost confidence, increase resilience, and enhance productivity. Participants left the training armed with pragmatic advice to overcome rejection and, ultimately, prosper as sales professionals.